uav S20

Stormbee UAV sales are temporally suspended due to the uncertainty related to the changing regulatory actions regarding drone flight approvals and new mandated rules that potentially may impact product design and/or documentation. We are assessing the requirements and will make the necessary changes to product design and/or documentation. Watch our website for updates in the coming months.

Stormbee UAV

  • Dimensions: 145 cm x 150 cm x 60 cm
  • Size for transport: 70 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm
  • Weight: 15 kg (excluding scanner)
  • Fully automatic takeoff, flight trajectory, and landing via iPad control station.
  • Flight time: 15 minutes
  • Flight Speed: 0 to 15 m/s
  • Altitude: 10 to 100 m
  • Wind resistance: 30km/hr
  • Operating environment temperature: -5°C / 45°C
  • Full carbon fiber frame with foldable motor arms
  • Vertical field of view: 300°
  • Absolute point cloud accuracy @ 30m: 5 cm
  • Relative accuracy: 1-2 cm
  • Export formats: LAS, E57
  • Compatible with any Faro terrestrial laser scanner
  • Measurement range dependent on Faro scanner option
  • Built-in power supply for Faro scanner
  • Included software: flight planning, GNSS post-processing, and point cloud reconstruction
  • GNSS base station can be used optionally for best results at remote locations